pepakura Designer v3.07 Cracked via IDWS


²Û² Pepakura Designer is a program developed in Japan (the
²Û² word Pepakura stands for papercraft in Japanese) for
²Û² making unfolded 2D patterns from the 3D models. Because
²Û² the operation is very simple, you can make patterns
²Û² easily. Then you can edit the pattern as you like.

²Û² Pepakura Designer makes it easy to design original
²Û² papercraft patterns by importing 3D model data. No
²Û² special knowledge is required for making papercraft
²Û² patterns. All you have to do is prepare the 3D model. You
²Û² may use some 3DCG software released from other developers
²Û² to make the 3D models for unfolding.

²Û² Not only can a pattern created by Pepakura Designer be
²Û² printed and saved as 2D image, but you can also share it
²Û² with other people. The dedicated viewer, Pepakura Viewer,
²Û² is available from Pepakura Designer's official web site freely.

²Û² Now you can enjoy designing your own papercraft. The 3D
²Û² models that you design with 3D CG software, can be put
²Û² out into the real world from the digital world using
²Û² Pepakura Designer.

Password : andre_a@idws

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